Bangkok, Thailand

October 17, 2014 § Leave a comment

A summation of a summer’s worth of lessons:

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1. Stop trying to “fix your life” to be closer to God- learn how to turn to God and be quicker to repent. God is the one who can change hearts, not you.

2. Stop idolizing “the call.” You know God’s heart, so take actions. Don’t sit in periods where you are waiting for some divine sign to plan your trajectory, rather don’t be afraid to make right/wrong decisions. The gravity of your decisions aren’t important, what’s important is your flexibility.

3. Love simply. Do small things with great love. It isn’t necessary to have wisdom before love- we don’t have to know all the theology behind the bible to share the good news of the gospel. God works fully through love and most of the time that just means being with people and sacrificing your time.

4. Lose the control complex. As you draw near to the Kingdom, the Kingdom will draw near to you and restore all the broken parts of your life. You need to trust God more than you trust your own plans. You need to trust Him with the lives of your family, relationships, friendships, and you need to trust that restoration comes from obedience. Seek first the Kingdom of God anyways.

5. Lament. It’s okay to not be okay and be in periods where you demand God to be who he says He is. Affirm God’s character by crying out to Him and lamenting for the ways that humanity has broken His image.

6. Reorient your perspective of God’s provision. See your “talents” as gifts you’ve been entrusted with from God for a purpose, and money as being given to you for opportunities God has in store. Bring all of who you are to God– if you are a musician worship loud, if you love to cook then build community through potlucks, whatever it may be there is a way that you can bring glory to God through your talents. Stop seeing everything as yours, it’s not about you, it’s about the Kingdom.

7. “I am because you are”- apply this mindset to everyone you encounter. There is a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity. “A person is a person through other people,” so treat one another accordingly.

8. Honor the Sabbath. It is a command for a reason. Allow for boredom and allow for time to sit at God’s feet and just be with Him. Work from rest, not for rest.

9. The paradox of who Jesus is makes Him real. We would never worship a God we could figure out. Appreciate God’s mysterious ways, even when they challenge your perspective of His goodness. He gives and takes away for His glory.

10. The moment is now. Living in the moment doesn’t mean that you live like there’s no tomorrow- or that you gratify all the desires of your flesh for temporary satisfaction. It means living in the faith that God has our futures perfected and that He cares deeply about each and every one of us to where we don’t have to worry about our future in the present. We just need to be present to His presence.


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