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October 16, 2014 § Leave a comment

24 things World Christians wish North American short term missionaries would quit doing:

1 Talk about your “rights” in our country

2 Making sure you know how privileged you are compared to us

3 Act like you know more about our own country, city, town, or neighborhood than we do

4 Make us feel like we’re getting a free ride, lunch, or the true offer of the gospel because of your good graces

5 Demand we keep your schedule

6 Impose on already present ministry because “your way is better”

7 Give more glory to being North American than Christ

8 Truncate the gospel with short sighted quest for “soul winning”

9 Minimize our challenge while grumbling about yours

10 Offering up bobbles, beads and trinkets so we’ll listen to you

11 Be loud

12 Use fear tactics which are contrary to God’s grace

13 Speak ill of other Christians

14 Create a sense of obligation through your generosity

15 Overstay your welcome

16 Use high pressure sales tactics

17 Talk more than you listen

18 Plant your flags on our soil

19 Asking us to submit to you

20 Lie about how you will help us in the future

21 Dismiss our search for truth by insisting we accept your version of it

22 Pretend to be our covering

23 Making us make short term salvation decisions

24 Making discipleship exclusive by addicting us to your resources, materials and methodologies


This question was posed by my mentor Janna, and these were the responses read to us after becoming short term missionaries ourselves. Cultural sensitivity is important. As we take a posture of listening to the cries of the global church, I pray they would continue to humble us by teaching us how to steward our privilege well.


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